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We develop high-quality portals and integrated web-systems aimed at automating your business.

Our business means a combination of consulting examination, technological competence and experience in the fields of designing and interface developing.

Our clients
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The first professional simulator in the field of public utilities “ZHEKA-PROFI”
Virtual educational simulator is created by the order of the state corporation of the Public Utility Reform Assistance Fund. It is used for the international championship of professional skills - WorldSkillsRussia.
The mining company “Nurgold”
It is a large international gold mining company. Since 2007 the company has carried out geological exploration in Transbaikal, in 2017 it got a new direction - mining operations in placer gold deposit along the Nizhnaya Borzya River.
The manufacturing alliance “Istok-Prom”
The “Istok-Prom” manufacture designs and produces corporate dress-code for staff members and experts taking into account customer preferences.
Corporate website for the Admiral Hockey Club
A professional ice hockey club from Vladivostok that plays in the Kontinental hockey League.
The Ivanovo parachute factory “Polyot”
It is a leading manufacturer of parachute technology in Russia founded in 1924. This is the only full cycle company producing parachutes in Russia.
The newsportal “”
This is an informational newsportal of the Ivanovo region. There is all the region news daily.
Ordamed Group Russia
This is a group of companies leading in the market of Korean medical equipment in Russia. This company connects brands of medical technology in different fields. Also it‘s a supplier of advanced technology into the Russian market.
Commercial Port of Vladivostok
The Vladivostok Sea Trade Port (VSTP) is one of the leading trade ports of Russia providing cargo shipping service all over the world. The VSTP is a part of the company “Fesco”.
The website of the real estate development company “Renaissance Activ”
Nowadays the company “Renaissance Activ” gains one of rightful places among building companies in Vladivostok.
The corporate website of the Moscow Metro
The Moscow Metro takes the 6th place of usage rate after the metros in Beijing, Tokio, Shanghai, Seoul, Guangzhou and it takes the 5th in the length of lines operated.
Group of companies “Russian Caviar House”
This is the leader of the black caviar industry in Russia. The company manufactures ⅔ of the total amount of osetra caviar in the post-Soviet area.
The telecommunication company “Maxtel”
This is the website of Russian telecommunication company.
The tourist platform Shore Excursion Center
Online platform which offers best tours and excursions for cruise passengers who go on cruises for Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Baltic Sea.
The website of the international photo contest “Russian civilization”
The international photo contest “Russian civilization” is organised by the Federal Agency for Nationalities Affairs of Russia.
The Kineshma Dramatic Theatre A.N. Ostrovsky
This is one of old theatres in the provincial Russia. This is the only theatre which is named in honour of Ostrovsky with the first day of its existence and established with the persistence of the playwright’s family.
The website of the chemical plant “Luch”
This is the leading Russian manufacturer of art goods. The old Russian brand “Luch” was based in the 30-s XX, its history dates back in 1970.
The sport and entertainment complex “Art-Fly”
This is a unique complex which includes the largest vertical wind tunnel in Europe (4,6m in diameter) and artificial wave for surfing in the same building
The promo-website of the film producing studio “Nasledniki”
The film production studio “Nasledniki” is a young and dynamically developing group of professionals who work in the cinema industry and video production since 2010.
The website of the telecommunication company “NetLine”
The telecommunication company “NetLine” is a large company which represents a full range of services for its clients.
The Russian telecommunication company “Port Telecome”
The company “Port Telecome” is an communication operator of the Primorsky Krai.
The telecommunication company “WestCall”
This is the website of Russian telecommunication company.
The company “Jet Stone”
The company “Jet Stone” is a leader in the field of processing natural and artificial stones in Moscow.
The official dealer center Volvo (the group of companies “AVILON”)
The group of companies “AVILON” ia a large automotive company of Russia, the website for the official dealer center of Volvo.
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The 2nd place in the nomination «Portals»
The award «Rating of Runet» 2019
The 2nd place in the nomination «Best Design/ Integration»
Tagline Awards 2018
The 2nd place in the nomination «Custom Design of augmented and virtual reality»
Ruward 2018
The 16th place in the rating of websites for authority, governmental foundations and corporations
CMS Magazine 2018
The 1st place in the rating of web designers for the websites of authority, governmental foundations and corporations/Wordpress
CMS Magazine 2018
The 1st place in the rating of designers for the websites of authority, governmental foundations and corporations/Ivanovo
CMS Magazine 2018
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The collaboration with the company “Garpix” had a pleasant aftertaste and high qualitative product which gladdens our clients. The challenge was not simple: to put a lot of information on the website and at the same time to make a simple navigation, but the team managed to do it very well. This result is already obvious a month later. Our clients are happy, it is the most important for us.
Daria Panchenko
the marketer of the company LLC “Renaissance Active”
The collaboration with the company “Garpix” on the designing and technical support of the website was convenient. We should highlight especially the efficiency and transparency of work processes. In my experience, no one project is launched very easily and without mistakes at once, but it is extremely important to find and delete them rapidly. A full contact and team work on the same wavelength are true key to success. And we managed to do this.
Evgeniy Furashov
the head of the department the Internet-projects IMA consulting
The company “Garpix” aims at the result, the choice was obvious for us. Before providing a commercial offer, the technical task was observed in detail. Clarifying questions were about not only technical needs, but about the marketing part. On the very first stage (before signing a contract) we were advised on the blocks of the website, the integration with the inner portals as well as the offers on the design of the website.
Olga Zaharova
the head of the promotion department of Commercial Port of Vladivostok
The decision to deal with the company “Garpix” was right. We started to design the website when the complex was on the stage of building, it was very important for web designers to understand our challenges. All the target goals were completed, the results were not long in coming. All our requests were considered carefully, work processes were tackled in a timely manner. The CRM-system was also designed for us that leads all the processes of the complex and simplifies our work.
Alexander Denisov
the head of sales department of the sport and entertainment complex “ArtFly”